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Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 12:41 pm (no subject)
i never though Craig and i could actually just be friends. i never thought i could BE just friends with a hottie like him anyhow, i wasn't feeling good this morning because i was hungover...damn alcohol so Craig took care of me, it was really sweet actualy. we watched movies and had dinner and stuff. i actually didn't go to a rave...first time in a long time.

i really think i need a steady boyfriend, to keep me from doing things i did the other night. yes, i slept with two guys, that i just met. i felt ashamed after though,i felt really dirty. i went home and took three showers, and still didn't feel clean. but the sad part is, i think i'd do it again.

well i'm heading over to Craigs

♥ Manny
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Aug. 7th, 2005 @ 10:16 pm (no subject)
so the rave was a little more fun than usual tonight. mostly because Jay came along with me, we danced, and we kissed. hes such a good kisser. hes one that i actually like and want to get closer to ya know? well, then he told me little mrs. priss paige was his girlfriend, that sucked. although it made it more of a challenge and a thrill. well anyways, we ended up going back to my place to watch 'american pie 2' and it was going all great, i mean we were almost to taking our close off and he stopped. i guess he had a concious about paige. so things got a little awkward, and he eventually left.

i really like him.

gosh i can't wait for the next one maybe jay will be up for another

♥ Manny
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Aug. 3rd, 2005 @ 08:45 pm 2: Clubbing
Current Mood: drunkhungover
went out last night, it was alright it was awesome we just went clubbing and stuff, so it was just one of those nights a night that i got totally drunk and had sex with some random guy...what was his name...hmm, Eric? wait...maybe it was Eddie...oh who cares met some people last night, got some numbers, it was all good.

i have a pretty bad hangover though, so no loud noises or bright lights for me today, hah. i think my mom noticed that i was drunk when i got home, shes been all weird today. i should probably tell her...i wont though

thinking of going out again tonight, anyone interested, call me or whatever.

♥ Manny
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Aug. 1st, 2005 @ 07:08 pm 1: new journal
Well, i guess im going to jump on the band wagon, and finally get one of these things...Emma has been buggin me to get it so this is for you Em.

the summers been great lately, i have a really nice tan. Em and i go to the beach a lot, we check out the hott guys and everything. getting drunk at the ravine is a new thing for me, Emma doesn't really know. i go there every night that i'm not with her, its so much fun, maybe i'll tell her about it, i'm just afraid that she will lecture me about stuff, like she usually does.

((i'll write more once i have some storyline to follow))

thats it for now
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